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Japanese soba is one of the best ingredients for vegetarians!

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Advantages of SOBA

A reservoir of nutrients

The source of aroma and taste is from proteins within

The whole-grain buckwheat flour contains proteins that gives it its aroma and umami (=tastiness), and the essential amino acid score for protein synthesis is extremely high at 90. We can say that the SOBA is a very low calorie, healthy food.
[Ref. meat: 100, rice: 60, flour noodle: 40]
In addition, buckwheat is rich in 'Rutin' also known as vitamin P, which acts as a "antioxidant" to suppress vascular damage. Antioxidants help remove active oxygen in blood, and it can prevent damage to blood vessels caused by active oxygen.

The health benefits of rutin include the followings:
Strengthens capillaries to lower blood pressure
Prevents heart disease, stroke, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, and dementia

Zaru Soba

Thai Style

Pasta Style


Soba Flower
Soba Grinding
Grinded Buckwheat Flour

Traditional Style of SOBA

Traditional SOBA dishes from the Edo period, Samurai Era.

Putting our hearts into the ingredients of four seasons

It is a scene of soba delivery in the Edo period.
We already had delivery services for 400 years.

Ukiyoe Delivery Service

[MORI-SOBA] =Buckwheat Noodles served on a Bamboo Strainer, which is served on a colander to drain water appeared in the middle of the Edo period.
After that, in the Meiji period, the MORI-SOBA was covered with dried seaweed and became [ZARU-SOBA] =Buckwheat Noodles served on a Bamboo Strainer. Originally, the MORI-SOBA was common to be served adding only wasabi without pouring anything else on.
If you add some grated spicy Japanese white radish, it will be the standard spicy [OROSHI-SOBA] in summer time.

Traditional Zaru Soba Style


SOBA noodles with fried shrimps and vegetables (seasonal ingredients).
Tenpura Soba


A standard winter SOBA noodle dish with duck meat and Japanese leek.
Kamo Seiro

Gluten Free Original Dishes

Collaboration between Japanese and Western & Asian cuisine

Tomato and Basil SOBA Pasta

Tomato Basil Soba Pasta

Ratatouille SOBA Pasta

Ratatouille Soba Pasta

Gluten-free Ramen using SOBA noodle

Gluten Free Ramen

Thai Style SOBA noodle with Coriander

Vietnamese Soba Noodle